Joe Coffee Mobile App

Client: Joe, Coffey Ventures, LLC

This was a group project of four members.

Duration : 3 weeks sprint

Process: User Research, Context Research, User Interviews, Guerrilla Testing, Competitive analysis, Surveys, Affinity diagramming , Customer Journey, Sketching, Storyboarding, Wireframes, User Interface Design, Rapid Prototyping, Usability Testing.

My Role: User Interviews, Guerrilla Testing, Surveys, Sketching, Wireframes, User Interface Design, Usability Testing.

Tools : Google forms, Photoshop, Sketch, InVision.


"Joe Coffee" is a mobile ordering app that allows users to order coffee from independent coffee shops. The challenge is to re-design the existing mobile ordering app. The client wanted to conduct reasearch and usability studies, in order to assess the following:

  • Where in the process of ordering coffee do the users get stuck?
  • What are the most useful and favorite features?
  • What are the missing features that users want the most?
  • How can we help the regular customers order coffee in a few clicks?


The research for this project started with the following:

  • Identifying business goals.
  • Understanding current user flow and missing features.

During the research phase the following questions needed to be answered.

  • What is the real opportunity to delight coffee drinkers?
  • How do we drive engagement with the app and make it stickier?
  • Who is the most impactful audience? The coffee shops or the coffee drinkers?

We went through the following process to seek answers for the above questions

  • Performed comparative and competitive analysis.
  • Conducted user surveys and user interviews
  • Observed customer behavior at coffee shops during peak and off-peak hours.

Business Goals

Business goals from stakeholder interview

  • Add 1,000 independent coffee shops by early 2018
    • 3 weeks ago there were 6, today there are 9
  • Add Rewards program
    • Seeking to provide the same feel as Starbucks, “Your loyalty is good everywhere.”
    • Joe is willing to foot the initial bill.
  • Increase daily usage
    • Most important metric to investors
    • Get 15 people at each coffee shop ordering per day (minimum 5 drinks/day per shop)

What's working in the current app?

Areas of improvement that we identified

Current user flow

Areas of improvement that we identified

Competitive Analysis

For the comparative analysis, I looked in to mobile apps like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Cups, Skip.

Comparative Analysis

For the comparative analysis, I looked in to mobile apps like Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Gastronaut, Uber, etc.

User Research

Sent survey to regular coffee drinkers and Joe coffee app users.

Survey Results : Coffee Drinkers

Survey Results : Joe App Users

Responses: 54

Key takeaways:

  • Want convenient location.
  • Value good coffee.
  • Deterred by long lines and order indecision of others.

Responses: 9

Key takeaways:

  • Want convenient location.
  • Find it’s easy to get lost in order flow.
  • Possible to order from a shop that’s closed or wrong location.

On-Site Observations

From 4 Independent coffee shops during the morning rush.

Key takeaways:

  • 63% were regulars.
  • 90% order the same drink every day.
  • Average of 2 baristas working.
  • Baristas know the names of regulars.
  • Baristas go above and beyond by preparing the drink when they see regulars in line or outside.

Key pain points we are addressing today:

  • Help regular users order coffee in just a few steps.
  • Make it easier to find a store.
  • Remove the guesswork of knowing when their drink will be ready.
  • Incentivize repeat usage.


The design process included the following steps:

  • Creating user persona
  • Storyboarding
  • User testing with paper prototypes
  • User testing with clickable wireframes
  • More iterations of the above and refining the final design.

User Persona


User Testing, Iterations, & Process

Home Screen

Confirmation Screen



We added a map interface to help users locate themselves and order coffee by choosing the closest shop. Added an onboarding experience to guide users to order coffee. This eliminates confusion in the ordering workflow. ETA for the order eliminates the guesswork of when their drink will be ready. Faster ordering experience for repeat users with less number of clicks.


Checkout the prototype below:

Next Steps

During the research we found that there are two sides (users and baristas) that needed focus. We chose to focus on improving the user's experience since we are designing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Future design iteration will need to concentrate on improving baristas' experience as they are the face of Joe. Specifically,

  • How do baristas interact with Joe when they receive an order.
  • Onboarding/training for baristas.
    • Many did not know how Joe worked.

Other areas for future work based on the usability testing we did:

  • Ability to order multiple drinks in a single flow.
  • Ability for users to order ahead or schedule their order in advance.
  • Troubleshooting
    • What happens when a drink is wrong?
    • Add HELP/Customer Support.