About Me

I am a passionate UX Designer with a background in web design and development. I invoke user delight by creating useful and usable user experiences. With the unique combination of skills, I bring method to madness by designing functional and creative UX. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, traveling and hiking.

I’m from a beautiful town called Tirunelveli near the southern tip of India, currently living in Seattle, WA. My interests include playing competitive badminton, cooking & spending time with my family.

With a background in Software Engineering and as a recent Web Designer/Developer I bring in a unique mix of technical skills to UX design. In my previous role as a Web Designer, I learnt to be a team player and developed a passion for customer focused innovation.

As a competitive badminton player I value perseverance.

The above experiences in my life have helped me hone my skills as a UX designer, with a focus on customer delight and attention to detail.